Hakim discusses with the regional director of the United Nations for Women the Women’s reality in Iraq

Baghdad, The Head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, discussed with the Regional Director of the United Nations for Women (UNIFEM) Mohamed Al-Nasseri, the women's reality in Iraq and the roles of the international organization in the field of women.

Al-Hakim said during a meeting in a statement to his media office, "his earnest and urgent efforts to empower the woman nationally and give them the roles that are worthy of her status."

He continued, "Women occupy a high position and take leadership positions in the National Wisdom Movement, noting that" it has 25% of its general conference. "

He pointed out that he "sponsors an annual conference on the occasion of the Islamic Day against Violence against Women, which is looking at ways to lift the injustice that is imposed on them and the mechanisms to empower them politically and socially.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency