Hakim Meets Speaker Of Parliament

Baghdad / NINA / -The head of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim stressed the need to reduce priileges in the three authorities.

Al-Hakim, during his meeting with Speaker of the House of Representaties Mohamed Halbusi, confirmed the need to promote the work of the House of Representaties to legislate important laws and actiate the work of its committees and remoe it from the political upheaals, stressing the importance of giing priority to the public interest on special interests and pass laws with direct contact with the interests of Iraq and Iraqis".

Hakim congratulated Halbusi for the "Presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representaties and the election of his deputies as a first step to complete the constitutional steps and forming the goernment."

Hakim also stressed the importance of forming a strong goernment capable to achiee the aspirations of the Iraqi people, stressing "the importance of integration between the three authorities while working to reduce unnecessary priileges.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency