Haramain High-Speed Rail Project Enjoys Great Global Media Coverage 2 Riyadh

Moreover, the Haramain High-Speed Rail Project's inauguration ceremony draws TV Audience of (16442637) across the universe for 178 media materials, programs and documentaries which were presented through 134 sources and were broadcast in 15 languages.

World News agencies that broadcast the launch of Haramain High Speed Project include Reuters, AFP, AP, DPA, Sputnik, Anatolia and etc.

The project also topped news headlines of New York Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Mail, Le Mondo, BBC, Euronews, Mail Online, Dawn, The Times of India, I News, Real Way Gazette, Business Standard, Word News, Voice of America, NDTV and Star Online and other similar global newspapers and news sites.

News of the inauguration of Haramain High Speed Rail Project was broadcasted by the most powerful and famous international news networks and channels; CNN, BBC, France 24, Euronews, RT Russian and Turkish TRT.

Source: Saudi Press Agency