Hariri announces suspension of work at Future TV: Difficult decision due to financial reasons

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri issued the following statement:

"It is with a sad heart that I announce today the decision to suspend the work at Future TV and settle the rights of the workers, for the same financial reasons that led to the closing of Al-Mustaqbal newspaper.

The decision is not easy for me and for the public of the Future movement, nor for the generation of founders, workers and millions of Lebanese and Arab viewers, who accompanied the station for more than a quarter of a century and witnessed a distinguished media experience that devoted effort, potential and competencies to serve Lebanon and the Arab causes.

Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri wanted the Future TV to be at the image of the Lebanese citizens, their diversity, their coexistence and their passion for culture, freedom, openness and joy. He called it "Future TV" so it could be a bridge to the Arab conscience, with all its national, civilized, social and cultural meanings.

Future TV could not have witnessed these continuous chapters of success, development and proliferation, and overcome the series of security and political dangers and financial and administrative difficulties, if there had not been a real family that provided the factors of resilience in the most difficult circumstances, and was the example of goodness, good performance, sacrifice and noble loyalty. These will preciously remain entrusted in my heart and I ask God Almighty to help me fulfill the obligations, despite the difficult conditions that you all know.

It is important that Future TV employees and all Lebanese and Arab brothers know that the screen will not be turned off. The station is not taking the decision to stop work in order to become part of the past.

Rather, it is announcing the end of a period in its journey, to be able to address the accumulated material burdens. It is preparing for a new phase in which it aspires to return in the coming months, in a way that shines on Lebanon and the Arabs, with a media and news format that matches the available resources and reflects the national, economic, social and developmental concerns of the Lebanese.

I express my appreciation, gratitude and apologies to all the employees of Future TV and their colleagues in Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper, who spent their lives in these institutions before the circumstances put us together in the face of the difficult decision to suspend the work. I pledge to follow up their rights and wish them all the best in their choices and job opportunities."

Source: National News Agency