Hariri hopes political parties will facilitate government formation “because they know the challenges facing us”

In a press release by Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri's Media Office on Saturday, it indicated that Hariri has expressed hope that "the disagreements we see in the government formation will disappear."

"My belief is that all political parties know the challenges we face, whether on the regional, security, economic or environmental levels. We must be a bit humble and think more about the country because the economic situation needs attention, and we have a historic opportunity through the CEDRE conference to advance the country," said the PM-designate.

Hariri's words came during a dinner held by the General Manager of Khatib & Alami Company, Samir al-Khatib, yesterday evening at his residence in Mazboud, Iqlim al-Kharroub, in honor of the UAE Ambassador Hamad al-Shamsi. PM-designate Hariri, former Premier Fouad Siniora, the caretaker Ministers of Environment Tarek al-Khatib, Tele-Communications Jamal Jarrah, and Culture Ghattas Khoury, MP Bilal Abdallah, the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Walid al-Bukhari, the Egyptian Ambassador Nazih Naggari, the Director General of General Security Major General Abbas Ibrahim, and the Chairman of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mohammad Choucair attended the dinner.

At the onset of the dinner, held in the honor of ambassador Shamsi, Samir al-Khatib welcomed the guests and "our brothers in the Arab countries, which has always supported Lebanon, especially in the dark and difficult stages. The Taef Accord, sponsored by Saudi Arabia, was maybe the most important step in the history of modern Lebanon. The United Arab Emirates, along with Saudi Arabia, has always been at the forefront of Lebanon's supporters in good and bad times."

He concluded: "Lebanon has passed through more difficult circumstances and managed to overcome them, and we are sure that this country will able to overcome all difficulties to form the next government."

For his part, Ambassador al-Shamsi said: "Today we inaugurated some projects, laid the foundation stone for others and checked on projects under implementation. Next month we will be in the Bekaa with Minister Jarrah and in Akkar. All appreciation and love for Lebanon. The United Arab Emirates has a message of love and tolerance for this country and we respect and appreciate all those who are present."

PM-designate Hariri then thanked al-Khatib and said: "Here we feel like we are in our home, in this region, which has always been faithful to the path of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and the Future Movement. We will continue this journey with Walid Jumblatt, because this relationship is a historical one, whether with my father, with me or with Taymour. We will continue the path of my late father, and neither will we abandon Walid bek nor will he abandon us."

He added: "We thank the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates for this generous donation to this region that deserves many projects, like other Lebanese regions. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have always supported us in all stages, in good and bad times, in times of war and in times of peace. You stood with us when the Lebanese disagreed together and when they reconciled. Thank you for the work you are doing and what you will do in other regions, in the Bekaa, Akkar, the South and all of Lebanon. I hope that we will pursue our work together.

On this occasion, I thank everyone for being present here in the residence of Samir al-Khatib who always gathers us when we have divergences. Lebanon's advantage over any other country is that we disagree during the day, and talk to each other again at night. I hope that these disagreements in the formation of the government will go away because all the political parties know the challenges facing us. We have a historic opportunity with the CEDRE conference, which approved 12.5 billion dollars to help Lebanon with essential projects. The world wants to help us, and we as Lebanese have to help ourselves."

Source: National News Agency