Hariri: If I apologize from forming the government, I will not accept to be designated again

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri announced that the government would be formed within the next ten days because the country is in dire need of it and the economic situation necessitates it and imposes on everyone to make concessions for the country, adding that in case he apologizes from forming the government, he will not accept to be re-designated.

He said: In case I apologize, I will not ask anyone to designate me, and the circumstances that prevailed in my first government are different from the current situation.

ariri's words came during a chat with journalists before chairing this afternoon at the Center House the meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc.

He said that all parties made concessions including the Lebanese Forces and the Free Patriotic Movement. He continued: The present situation obliged everyone to make concessions and all the problems are on the way to be solved.

He pointed out that his optimism stems from his last meeting with President Michel Aoun, adding that no specific date was set to meet with Minister Gibran Bassil, describing Bassil's words during his last press conference as not positive.

Hariri pointed out that there are some changes in the distribution of portfolios, refusing to disclose the number of ministers that each party will get. He said: The only criterion I adopted in the formation is that it is a national accord government. When we set standards, we bind ourselves when forming any government in the future and this has no origin neither in the constitution nor in the customs.

Hariri denied any knowledge of the existence of a French initiative to help him form a government, stressing that the results of the CEDRE conference are in danger. He said: If we think that the world will wait for us, we are wrong. The world is moving and the days are passing, and these funds were put to help the Lebanese economy but if the Lebanese don't want to help themselves, is the world going to wait for them?

He added: There is a loan that was approved by the World Bank for Lebanon and we will lose it if the government and the parliament don't approve it.

As to a link between the formation of the government and the implementation of the sanctions on Iran on November 3, Hariri said: I hope no one will think like that because Lebanon is not Iran and Iran is not Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency