Hariri: It is time for Beirut to trust he who is trying to revive it

The Press Office of Prime Minister Saad Hariri issued on Tuesday the following press release:

"President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri said that he is biased toward Sunni moderation, national moderation, dialogue and openness," because Lebanon can only built with this logic. He added that without the Future movement and the Sunni community there would not be settlement, solutions, moderation, budgets or international conferences.

He said: "Enough talk about frustration. The whole region suffers from this frustration, but who drove the country out of this situation? We did and no one else. This sect pulled the country out of the circle of frustration. On May 6, we will all make Beirut's interest a priority, because the one to pay the price is not Saad Hariri but Beirut and its identity."

Hariri spoke during a breakfast held in his honor this morning by Makassed alumni association at the association's headquarters in Sanayeh in the presence of the "Future is for Beirut" list.

He told the audience: "I am honored to meet with graduates of Makassed.

There is no doubt that these elections are different from the previous ones.

It is not the first time where they try to kidnap Beirut's decision and the previous electoral laws tried to diminish the size of Rafic Hariri."

He added: "The project of the Future movement is known in the country.

While I was trying to reach a settlement, many people were not with me and did not understand what I was trying to do except very few people including Tamam Salam and Nuhad Machnouk. The country and Taef were in danger, and without the settlement, some would have called for a constituent assembly."

He also said: "My concern was the interest of the country and the citizens. During that period, there was doubt about my intentions and it was said that I was trying to deceive the Sunnis due to my neglect. Some even accused me of abandoning the rights of Sunnis. You know that I never talk in a sectarian way, but I am biased to Sunni moderation, national moderation, dialogue and openness, because Lebanon can only be built with this logic."

He explained: "We have a national and development program. We went to CEDRE, achieved the budget, the laws and many accomplishments. This is the project which the Sunnis should unite around in this country.

Those who want to unite the Sunnis should do so around a clear program and not a program that delivers the decision of Sunnis and the national decision in the country to another group that has nothing to do with preserving the country. This is my problem with the other groups."

Hariri said: "On May 6 the elections will determine the identity of Beirut and all of Lebanon. There are eight lists against us in Beirut and all of them serve Hezbollah. And I promise you that my house will remain open for everyone.

I left Beirut forcibly during a specific period of time, but since my return I am working day and night for its interest. It is time for Beirut to trust he who is trying to revive it.

The international community has confidence in us as a government, as Saad Hariri, as Future movement and in our way of work, our programs and moderation. Everyone should know that there are fundamental, strategic and political goals that we must unite around. We can discuss the details and try to correct things.

Source: National News Agency