Hariri receives British delegation

The press office of Prime Minister-deisgnate, Saad Hariri, on Thursday indicated that the PM received today at the Center House a British delegation from the Conservative Middle East Council CMEC, in the presence of the British Ambassador to Lebanon Chris Rampling.

The Chairman of CMEC Sir Hugo Swire said after the meeting:

"This is the second day of our trip to Lebanon. We had a series of interesting meetings. We started today by meeting with the head of the army general Aoun and we were able to talk about the assistance that the United Kingdom is bringing to the Lebanese military. We had an extremely good meeting with the president as well this morning, and then with Speaker Berri, to learn more about the political situation. We just met with Prime Minister Hariri, who was able to talk not only about domestic matters but also about the wider regional challenges for the country and how the United kingdom can do more, particularly in fulfilling some of his ambitions in terms of revitalizing the economy and the infrastructure.

We believe the United Kingdom can do a lot more in that prospect. We are already helping hugely on training the military, on an education program which is coming under a lot of challenge because of the Syrian refugees issue, but we want to do more now on the commercial side as well to make sure that all the people of this country prosper and play a part in the future."

Source: National News Agency