Hariri: The lineup is between the President and me and we are still consulting about it

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri asked all political blocs in Lebanon: Is the country more important than all of us, or are we more important than the country?

Asked in a chat with journalists about the stance of the Strong Lebanon bloc, that minimized the importance of the government lineup he presented to the President of the Republic, Hariri said: The President of the Republic has the lineup. I prepared it and I gave it to His Excellency. No third person interfered. I do not understand from where others, whoever they are, come out with such analysis.

In response to a question, Hariri said that he did not discuss this lineup with anyone and that he is convinced of it. He said: "If some have observations on some portfolios, let them declare it, but I do not understand why all these analyzes. I would almost say that I wrote the lineup with my hands so that no one sees it, just because I said that it is in the framework of my prerogatives and those of the president. We consult and cooperate. "

Asked about the president's remarks on the formula, Hariri said: "The important thing is that we are still consulting on the issue."

On the position of former heads of government regarding the prerogatives of the Prime Minister-designate, Hariri said: "I did not appeal to anyone, they spoke about a view they are convinced of."

He added: "My prerogatives are clear in the constitution, full stop, this should not be the subject of debate. What should be is the formation of the government and how to get the country out of the economic impasse and to secure electricity, water, hospitalization and budget for the Lebanese citizen and the implementation of the CEDRE Conference. If any political party thinks it is bigger than the country or the interest of the country, then this is the problem."

He added: "In the lineup presented, everyone makes a sacrifice, all parties make sacrifices, me to start with. There must be a lineup with no loser nor winner that translates at the same time the results of the parliamentary elections."

He denied that the situation had returned to square one, and said: "I am waiting for more consultation with the President."

In response to the Baabda statement that mentioned comments on the lineup, Prime Minister Hariri said: "If the remarks are debatable, we will talk about them, but the problem is that there are always some who think negatively in the country. I think that we have to start from positive things, and we should calm down a little."

As for what is said about the Sunni problem in the formation of the government, Hariri said: "I have a logic in this regard, if there was a party represented by this number of deputies, we could talk about representing them. But there are independents among them, while we are talking about major blocks represented in Parliament."

Hariri said that the government will be formed in the end, adding: If this lineup was presented to the Future movement itself, it would reject it, but we offer sacrifices for the sake of the country and its interests. If each of us humbles, the government could be formed today."

He denied the existence of a dispute between the Strong Lebanon bloc and the Future movement, saying: "The problem is not between my shares and the shares of the Strong Lebanon bloc. I submitted this lineup to the president so we consult about it. Some people come out as if they know the lineup, on what basis is that? Yesterday I said that this lineup is between the President and me, to keep the discussion between him and me. The lineups discussed in the media are incorrect. "

Source: National News Agency