Hariri: The only alternative to the political settlement and to reinforced security and economy was civil war

Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that the political settlement he achieved brought the balance back to the national equation in the country, restored the role of the Sunnis, strengthened security and re-launched the economy, stressing that the only alternative to the political settlement was civil war.

"Nobody should ever think that the political heir of the national school of Rafic Hariri would do otherwise or be responsible for a civil war."

Hariri was speaking during a lunch held in honor of Future Movement employees on Labor Day, at the Seaside Pavilion, in the presence of the candidates of the "Future is for Beirut" list and Culture Minister Ghattas Khoury.

"Today, we are celebrating May 1st, but in fact we are here today to work. This is a business meeting, because from now and till 7:00 pm next Sunday, there are no holidays, vacations, or sleep. Liberal professions, syndicates, employees and workers are the force of the Future movement in the elections," said Hariri.

"The Future Movement began with you. You were the cornerstone since the days of Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri...The Future Movement was born here in Beirut and grew with you all over Lebanon and cannot continue without you," he added.

"On this occasion, a special greeting to the journalists and employees of Future TV, al-Mustaqbal Newspaper and Radio Orient who accompanied the electoral campaign weeks ago. My thanks also go to the young men and women of the Future Movement who worked in the campaign in Beirut and in all areas," Hariri went on.

"I have an unlimited confidence in you, in all sectors; engineers, lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, media people, teachers, nurses, dentists, accounting experts, therapists, employees, and workers. We still have five days and what is required from each and every one of you is to put his expertise, his efforts and relations during the May 6th elections," Hariri emphasized.

"I know that there are observations on the past period and reproaches of neglection towards some but we learn at our own expense. I know that some people at one point felt a kind of frustration. Frankly I understand and accept this feeling. All the efforts I exerted to regain balance and stability in the country, enhance security, revive the economy and find employment opportunities are to increase hope and reduce frustration," he went on.

"I want to respond in particular to candidates, politicians or people who believe they are politicians and try to take advantage of the national frustration in general and that of the Sunnis in particular. We are proud of the political settlement that we achieved that no one else achieved or was able to. This settlement showed everyone that we are essential in Lebanon, And without the Beirutis and the Sunnis there is no national equation or political balance," stressed Hariri.

"Where were the Sunnis before this political settlement? Where would the Sunnis be in the absence of this political settlement? Where would Beirut and Lebanon be? Those who are trying to take advantage of the frustration don't see what is happening in Syria? Don't they see that the only alternative to the political settlement, security enhancement and economic revival was civil war?" questioned Hariri.

"I proudly reiterate that I, Saad Rafic Hariri, achieved this political settlement, brought the balance back to the national equation, brought back the essential role of the Sunnis in the country and regained stability. I am also working to enhance security and on the revival of economy, on investment and job opportunities," he underscored.

"No one should think that the heir of the political movement and the national school of Rafic Hariri will do otherwise or bear the responsibility of one drop of blood, one tear from a mother or the pain of a father, and God forbid a civil war that will damage Beirut, eliminate the country and the Sunnis.

Today there is a new phase and I tell you that the Saad Hariri standing before you is new because we have many challenges and we have no choice but winning," he reiterated.

"These elections are fateful for all of us and be sure that these elections are not fateful for Saad Hariri alone but also for you, your kids and the whole country.

On May 7, we cannot say "if only". In order not to reach this stage, our only choice is to announce general mobilization in all areas," said Hariri.

"Without you, the electoral machine is like a car without fuel. Your participation in organizing the electoral campaign is the only way to turn the table and handle any recklessness. You see how we are going from one country to the other to ensure an international cover for Lebanon's stability. All this effort will be meaningless if we don't achieve a qualitative result in the elections," he added.

"Do you want the Future movement to renew Rafic Hariri's dream? You have to be in the front row of the campaign. Do you want the country to rise again and launch a large investment program? You all have to come, family, women and youth, all of you, all of us will be soldiers in the battle of the victory of the Future movement on May 6, God willing! On Sunday, we will come together to win together," Hariri continued.

He added: "When we see these good faces, this affection and the work we are all doing, they will not be comfortable and will think a lot. You are the main engine of the electoral machine. During all the past times, you were with Rafic Hariri and you are now with Saad Hariri and will continue this march that was targeted since he became a Prime Minister in 1992. So no one should say that we can't, on the contrary we can."

"On February 14, 2005 I was frustrated, but you pulled me out of this frustration. When I see you I know that God is great because all the conspiracies against me, the Future

"We achieved several achievements that countries were unable to achieve. Today we hear them talking about the frustration while their lists are the lists of frustration and frustrated. I am talking honestly here. I will do what I can for the interest of the country and what I am convinced is for this country's interest. I want you to have confidence in the one navigating the ship for the interest in the country. Happy Labor's Day," concluded Hariri.

Source: National News Agency