Hariri: The solution is to form a government, not to revive one that resigned at the request of the street

Caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that the solution is to form a new government and not to revive a government that resigned at the request of the street. He added that he is assuming his duties as head of the caretaker government in full accordance with the constitution, but if what is required is more then there is no problem.

In a chat with reporters after heading the meeting of the Future parliamentary bloc this afternoon at the Center House, he said: Since I submitted my resignation, I have been assuming my responsibilities as caretaker Prime Minister. I am surprised by the talk about the caretaker government because I do not see anything stalled at this level. If what is required is more, then no problem, but enough stalling, the solution is the formation of a new government. There is a Prime Minister-designate, Hassan Diab, who has the task of forming a government with those who designated him, so let him form the government with the President. If I failed somewhere in doing my job as caretaker Prime Minister, please tell me where.

Question: But Speaker Berri is calling for a government meeting

Hariri: The caretaker government has some powers and we are using these powers. Imagine that I talk to the World Bank and agree on something, can I implement this agreement with a caretaker government? No, I cannot. A government that has the confidence of Parliament and works normally can. The solution today is to form a government. Is it required to strike the constitution? We have to solve things as they should be solved. The constitution is very clear, the prime minister resigns, then binding consultations take place, a prime minister is designated and he forms a government in agreement with the president. I am totally fulfilling my duty.

Question: Will you participate in a parliamentary session to discuss the budget or to legislate?

Hariri: I will meet with Speaker Nabih Berri and we will agree on that.

Question: Will you meet with him today?

Hariri: I do not know if I will meet him today.

Question: Are you in favor of reviving the caretaker government?

Hariri: I am with the formation of a new government, not with reviving a government that resigned at the request of the street.

Question: Can the current government take any decision on the economic level?

Hariri: We all know that anything we want to do in the economic file requires us to cooperate with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other international institutions. Can a caretaker government cooperate with these institutions, or should there be a regular government that has parliamentary confidence? Otherwise, let us cancel the constitution.

Question: What do you respond to those who accuse you of obstruction?

Hariri: There are those who say that I am building a long wide Sunni dam. Those who obstruct accuse me of obstructing the formation of the government.

Question: Is there a light at the end of the black tunnel where the Lebanese live today?

Hariri: There is a country called Lebanon whose people suffered a lot. We can get out of this tunnel, on the condition that we put our differences aside and give ministerial portfolios to whoever actually knows how to manage them. Is there a country in the world other than Lebanon that appoints non-specialists in ministries?

Question: Do you consider Speaker Berri's stances towards you a prelude to bringing you back to the premiership?

Hariri: When I see Speaker Berri I will talk to him.

Source: National News Agency