Hariri: UNSCR 1701 still stands and the Lebanese state contained the South developments diplomatically

The President of the Council of Ministers Saad Hariri said that the Lebanese state has diplomatically contained the developments in the South, pointing that UNSCR 1701 did not fall and still stands and what matters to us is to continue to implement this resolution and protect Lebanon.

Hariri said, in an answer to a question about the recent developments on the southern borders: The Lebanese state contained what happened diplomatically, starting with the drones to Hezbollah's reaction. We should preserve stability and UNSCR 1701. The main problem is that the situation in the whole region is tense, and we do not need new crises. This is the basis and Lebanon's protection is the key.

Answering a question, he said: UNSCR 1701 has not fallen and still stands and the red lines are still there. The important thing is that we continue implementing UNSCR 1701. What matters to me is what is happening on the ground, which is the implementation of this resolution.

Regarding the demand for the resignation of the government, Hariri said: There are points of view, but those who are demanding the resignation are still in the government.

Source: National News Agency