Hasbani at Physiotherapists International Conference: To continue to promote laws so Lebanon would remain the ‘Hospital of the East’

Caretaker Public Health Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, vowed Saturday to continue to work towards advancing the laws that govern medical practices in the country, in order to ensure that Lebanon would remain the "Hospital of the East".

Hasbani's words came during the Physiotherapists' International Conference, entitled "Physio Beirut 2018", organized by the Physiotherapists Syndicate in Lebanon under the auspices of President Michel Aoun, represented by the Caretaker Public Health Minister.

Hasbani seized the opportunity to praise the efforts exerted by the Syndicate's Head and Council Members for the success of the Conference, which points to Lebanon's pioneering role in organizing such medical forums and work sessions.

Source: National News Agency