Hasbani calls for unity government capable of maintaining stability, trust

Caretaker Public Health Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, called Thursday for a uniting government that is capable of preserving stability and confidence in the country.

On emerging from his visit to Beirut Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop Elias Aoudeh earlier today, Hasbani said, "I was honored to visit Archbishop Aoudeh, with whom I held a tour d'horizon touching on the prevailing social, political and economic conditions in Lebanon."

He indicated that talks focused mainly "on the social situation which has reached a very delicate stage, the principle reason for which is the deteriorating economic condition and the stagnation at the political and economic levels, especially with regards to the cabinet formation."

"We are living in a region of tensions and challenges, amidst which Lebanon must maintain its stability. The basic step of preserving security and confidence in Lebanon is to form a government that reflects the aspirations of the people in the parliamentary elections," said Hasbani.

He highlighted the need for a uniting government that represents the real constructive partnership of its components, aiming at building a stable state that can provide the needed services at the infrastructure, social, economic and political levels for all citizens.

"The goal must be very clear during the upcoming economic, financial and social stage, based on cooperation and partnership for building a state, not on differences to strengthen authority," Hasbani concluded.

Source: National News Agency