Hashimi: Things Are Heading Towards Escalation .. The Federal Court May Cancel The Election Results

BAGHDAD, The head of the Iraqi group for strategic studies, political expert, Wathiq al-Hashimi said that things are heading towards escalation and this is dangerous because the political class began to charge the Iraqi street, who are already armed.

He added to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The results of the fire of the warehouses of the Electoral Commission exchanged accusations, as losers said that the winners are burning the boxes to mislead the subject of forgery and the winners said who burned the warehouse are the losers to steal the votes of the poor," considering that a major escalation that does not serve the conditions of the country.

Al-Hashimi said, "There are 3 scenarios coming, the first I ruled out, but is the biggest option, which is that the Federal Court will cancel the election results and merge it with the provincial councils after six months and the second is to cancel the elections in Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar, and certainly the Kurdish parties will not accept it, and threatened two days ago, and the third is to cancel the elections abroad and displaced and conditional voting in addition to Kirkuk which is still a time bomb. "

He continued that "the executive and legislative authorities and the IHEC threw the ball in the court of the judiciary and is in an unenviable position because it is the one who is hoped to resolve the current crisis."

A large fire targeted the ballot boxes in warehouses belonging to the Electoral Commission in Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad two days ago.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency