Hassan al-Alawi: The fire incident yesterday is an extension of the project to end the Iraqi state

BAGHDAD, The Political thinker former MP Hassan al-Alawisaid described the fire yesterday as an extension of the project to end the Iraqi state.

"The state has become the smallest institution, and now it is the smallest of the institutions of political parties and armed groups and others, and any gesture issued by the state can be repressed in a moment," he told the Iraqi National News Agency.

Al-Alawi said that "the operations aimed at ending the remainder of the Iraqi state, which is an extension of the US occupation project in 2003 to cancel the Iraqi state and is now partially canceled part," noting that "a fire of yesterday was burning large parts of the pillars of the state."

"Baghdad is now losing its ability to move because of the control of these political mafias, which have been in control since the fall of the former regime," he said.

On the future developments after the fire, he explained that "the elections are supposed to be returned and the only useful thing for this fire is that it gave a strong justification for the re-election."

A fire broke out in the warehouses of the Electoral Commission in the Rusafa side of the capital Baghdad yesterday noon.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency