Head of Brazil’s Commerce, Services and Tourism Chambers Union: Minister Mrad’s participation in the Mercosur meeting is important

The President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Brazil, Joseph Tadros, who heads the 2nd Mercosur Conference, welcomed Saturday the Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Hassan Mrad's visit to Rio de Janeiro to attend the meeting of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of the Mercosur Group.

It is to note that Lebanon has joined the Chamber Union as an observer for the first time in the history of the Federation.

Tadros highlighted the importance of Mrad's presence "because he represents the Arab markets to which Lebanon will be the gateway to the Mercosur countries."

For his part, Brazilian Foreign Ministry Ambassador Pedro Dasilva praised Mrad's efforts and his role in activating the technical meetings between Mercosur and Lebanon, adding that "the significance of his presence reminds us of the huge economic strength of the Lebanese community in Brazil, which exceeds 20 million people and contributes to the development of the economic and political life and cultural affairs of our country."

The Brazilian diplomat also indicated that he is participating "with the Lebanese experts in discussing the agreement to be signed between Mercosur and Lebanon," promising to continue to exert his efforts "to push the rest of the Mercosur countries to reach the final signing of the agreement," while noting that he would send "a technical delegation to Lebanon early next week."

Additionally, he commended the "efforts made to promote tourism and economic bilateral cooperation through the Rio Bitcoin Conference in November 2019."

Source: National News Agency