Hezbollah delegation led by MP Jeshi visits Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Tyre

A Hezbollah Party delegation, headed by "Loyalty to the Resistance" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Hussein Jeshi, visited the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Tyre on Saturday, where they were welcomed by Tyre's Greek Catholics Archbishop, Michael Abras, and a number of prominent dignitaries.

During the visit, MP Jeshi indicated that the deteriorated economic situation in Lebanon was due to the regional wars and the influx of Syrians.

"Lebanon is suffering from enormous economic, social, and financial problems that are all mainly due to the influx of Syrian refugees and regional wars," Jeshi noted.

In the same context, the lawmaker reminded various political counterparts of the dire need for a swift formation of the new government in order to address the pressing socio-economic situation.

Finally, he appealed to officials in the Lebanese Republic to rise above their personal interests and narrow calculations for the sake of the country.

Source: National News Agency