HH Deputy Prime Minister issues edict

Deputy Prime Minister His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa issued Edict 48 of 2021 restructuring the Consultative Committee at the BQA National Qualifications Framework.

Chaired by BQA Chief Executive Officer, the panel includes the following members:

1.Organisation and Job Budgeting director-general – Civil Service Bureau.

2.Dr. Mohammed Abdulla Baqer – Government Universities.

3.Bahrain Training Institute director-general – Education Ministry.

4.Scientific Researcher director- Higher Education Council.

5.Nawaf Mohammed Al Jishi – Private Institutes.

6.Vocational Institutes Affairs director – Labour and Social Development Ministry.

7.Dr. Sameer Abdulkarim Al Atoom – Private Universities.

8.Yasser Abdulrahim Al Abbassi – Private Sector.

Under the edict, the top five members will serve for four years while the others will have a three-year term.

Youth and Sports Affairs Minister, BQA Chairman, shall implement this edict, which takes effect upon its issuance in the Official Gazette.

Source: Bahrain News Agency