HM King congratulated by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa received a cable of congratulations from His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister on Bahrain’s National Days in commemoration of the establishment of the modern Bahraini state as an Arab and Muslim country founded by Ahmed Al Fateh in 1783, the anniversary of its full membership in the United Nations, and the anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne.


HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister expressed pride in Bahrain’s landmark achievements in all fields thanks to the directives and aspirations of HM the King.


He stressed keenness on pursuing the achievement of development goals in light of the comprehensive development march led by HM the King, hailing the Kingdom’s strides whose windfall benefits the nation and citizens.


Her said that HM the King’s visions represent a source of inspiration, praising Bahrainis’ dedication and their one-team spirit, a catalyst to continue national achievements, meet citizens’ aspirations and pursue the march of progress and modernization.


He paid homage to the martyrs of duties who sacrificed their lives to defend the homeland and its achievements, adding that their memory is commemorated on Martyrs’ Day.


He prayed to Allah the Almighty to bless HM the King with good health and wellness, reiterating loyalty to HM the King to continue the march of development.


HM the King also sent a cable of thanks to HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister and wished him health and wellness, thanking him for his congratulations on this national occasion.


He commended the efforts exerted by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister to attain more sustainable development achievements for the people of Bahrain, praying to Allah the Almighty to lift the pandemic off the whole humanity and bless human beings with health and wellbeing.



Source: Bahrain News Agency