HM King is model for love, peace among peoples from all backgrounds

Manama: Al Bayarq Al Baydha Society (White Flags Society) President Hani Aziz and members have congratulated HM the King, the government, Bahrainis and residents on the new Hijri year 1442.


“Religious occasions in Bahrain hold a special status, as they clearly reflect the image of coexistence and tolerance among religions and sects that have lived together in the country since ancient times, a fact that is not found in many Arab and foreign countries,” the society said.


“His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has consecrated the principles of democracy, coexistence and harmony among all as a single community. HM King Hamad is a model to emulate for love, kindness and dialogue and peace between peoples,” the society said in its congratulatory statement.


HM the King’s initiatives in world peace are innumerable and summarize the Kingdom’s wise policies that shun fanaticism and racism and promote humanity that transcends hatred and rise above perverse voices, said the society whose president is the Pastor of the National Evangelical Church in Bahrain.


“Bahrain has nothing to do with such voices, and our evidence is that the members of Al Bayariq Al Bayda Society come from various religions and different races, and have received only respect and love,” the society said.


“The racist actions or reactions and comments that we sometimes see or read in social media do not represent those who respect us and give us the same treatment as nationals of Bahrain. With His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, there is no way that foreigners are treated as ‘aliens’ and peaceful co-existence among all is the way of life here.”


The society members prayed to God Almighty to prolong the life of HM the King, bless him with abundant health and wellness, and make him an asset for the Kingdom and the Arab nation.


They also expressed their wishes for a new year that brings further development and prosperity, empowers the Kingdom to overcome the coronavirus and protect it from all evils and diseases.



Source: Bahrain News Agency