HM King issues decree, establishing counter-terrorism committee

Manama: His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa today issued Royal Decree 50/2020, establishing and forming a committee to combat extremism, terrorism and its financing and money laundering.


The Interior Minister shall be the Chairman of the committee whose members include Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Finance and National Economy Minister, Information Affairs Minister, Defence Affairs Minister, the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) Governor, the National Intelligence Agency Chief, the Public Security Chief and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Supreme Defence Council.


The Joint Counter-terrorism Centre at the Interior Ministry shall undertake the duties of the secretariat-general of the commitee, and all its administrative work.


The panel’s jurisdictions include studying all issues related to combating extremism, fighting terrorism and its funding, as well as countering money laundering.


It shall suggest policies, and coordinate the general national efforts related to countering extremism, fighting terrorism and combating money laundering, as well as revise them and update them periodically.


It shall also propose the designation of individuals and entities on the national terror list, assess the dangers of extremist ideology, terrorism and money laundering and propose the necessary legislation and systems to combat them, in coordination with the competent authorities in the kingdom.


The mandate of the counter-terrorism committee also encompasses submitting periodic reports to the Cabinet, including the results of its work, as well as its recommendnations on the appropriate measures to be taken regarding them.


The committee shall convene upon the request of its chairman, and its meetings shall be valid only in the presence of a majority of its members, including necessarily the Chairman.


The panel shall issue its resolutions and recommendations by the majority vote of the attending members, and in the case of a draw, the Chairman’s side shall prevail.


In order to perform its duties, the committee may seek the assistance of whom it deems appropriate from those with expertise and competence, and invite them to attend its meetings to discuss and listen to their views or to provide it with the information it deems necessary to carry out its terms of reference, without any of them having the right to vote on its resolutions or recommendations.


The relevant ministries and entities in the Kingdom must provide the committee with the data, information and studies it requests to conduct its work.


The Prime Minister and minister –each in their capacity- shall implement the provisions of this Royal Decree which takes immediate effect and will be published in the Official Gazette.



Source: Bahrain News Agency