HM King issues statement marking Bahrain Diplomatic Day

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa expressed pride and appreciation for the achievements of Bahraini diplomacy during its career spanning more than 50 years, based on the authentic principles and firm values that shaped the Bahrain's civilizational identity, as a country that pursues tolerance, coexistence and respect for others.

This came in a statement by His Majesty the King, on Bahrain Diplomatic Day, which falls on January 14:

On the occasion of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s celebration of the Diplomatic Day, we are pleased to express our deep thanks and appreciation for the prominent role played by the Bahraini diplomacy at the regional and international levels to lay bridges of cooperation and consolidate relations of friendship between the Kingdom and other countries around the world, based on authentic principles and firm values that shaped the kingdom’s civilisational identity as a country that embraces tolerance, coexistence and respect for the other, calls for peace and harmony among the peoples of the world, and adheres to international charters and laws.

For more than fifty years, the Bahraini diplomacy has reflected the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which is based on moderation and balance, seeking to build relations and exchange interests with various countries of the world, contribute to supporting the efforts of the international community to enhance international peace and security, address urgent issues and challenges, and achieve goodness and a decent life for all mankind. This has had a great impact on the high position attained by Bahrain at the global level, and the good reputation it gained as a peaceful country that believes in its principles and deep-rooted values, strongly active in the international community, and as good and authentic people who wish good, security and peace for all peoples.

What the Bahraini diplomacy has achieved through the efforts and giving of its affiliates inside and outside the country, in terms of distinguished successes and remarkable accomplishments in the foreign policy of the Kingdom, is a source of pride and appreciation and stands witness to the loyalty and dedication of Bahrainis in serving their country, achieving its supreme interests, defending its stances and highlighting the achievements of its comprehensive development march which has always constituted the supreme goal for us, as it touches on the life and livelihood of the Bahraini people and the realization of their aspirations and hopes, being the pillar and main target of development.

On this happy occasion, we can only congratulate all diplomats and support them, expressing sincere thanks and appreciation for their efforts and dedication in performing the missions and responsibilities entrusted to them. We shall also commend their prominent role in implementing the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain and caring for the interests of the nation and citizens abroad, praying to Allah the Almighty to bless them with success in achieving what we all aspire to of progress, prosperity and a high position among the nations.

Source: Bahrain News Agency