HM King receives Speaker, Shura Chairman, hails Legislative Branch’s role

Manama, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa has lauded the dedicated efforts being exerted by the Legislative Branch in order to perform its constitutional duties and assume its supervisory and legislative role to strengthen the pillars of the national democratic march and develop laws and legislation that serve the citizens and meet all their needs, noting that history bears witness to the exemplary cohesion and solidarity among Bahrainis throughout the kingdom's glorious march.

HM the King made the statements while receiving, at the Al-Sakhir Palace today, the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Fawzia bint Abdulla Zainal, Chairman of the Shura Council, Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh, and their deputies, in addition to the members of the Reply to the Royal Speech committees at the two councils.

They submitted to HM King Hamad the two councils' replies to the royal keynote speech delivered by HM the King while opening the second session of the Fifth Legislative Term.

HM the King expressed thanks and appreciation to the Shura and Representatives councils for their great and valuable contributions to laying down the foundations for the kingdom's comprehensive development march, stressing the importance of building on the existing achievements at the local, regional and global levels.

HM King Hamad affirmed that the Shura and Representatives councils enjoy his respect and appreciation and those of everyone thanks to their contributions to attaining more achievements that serve the nation and the citizens.

HM the King lauded the constructive initiatives and suggestions included in the two councils' replies to the royal speech regarding ways to enhance the legislative and supervisory performance, expressing pride in the efforts of Bahrainis and their keenness to strengthen their solidarity and fruitful work in the service of the nation at all levels.

The Speaker, Shura Chairman and those present extended deepest thanks and appreciation to HM King Hamad for his wise leadership and keenness to consolidate the democratic approach through his unlimited and great support for the Legislature, and praise of its achievements and gains during his prosperous era.

The Representatives Council, in its reply to the royal address during the opening of the second session of the Fifth Legislative Term, expressed honour in meeting HM the King, pledging to continue contributing to developing the nation towards more reforms, national unity and peaceful co-existence, under HM the King's leadership.

The council extended profound congratulations to HM the King on the centenary of formal education, Bahrain Police and municipal work, noting that it is looking forward to the government's honouring of the pioneers of national action.

It also said that it is seeking to enact the necessary legislation to support digital economy and investment in the field of industrial intelligence, valuing highly the efforts exerted by the Executive Branch.

In this regard, the Representatives Council lauded the major role played by His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, expressing hope that cooperation between the two branches will be enhanced through the positive response to the suggested laws and parliamentary proposals aimed at creating an investment-attracting economic environment that stimulates the national economy.

The Council of Representatives paid tribute to His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, lauding his efforts to diversify sources of income and strengthen the principles of the Economic Vision for Bahrain 2030.

It also underlined its support for HM the King's visions on increasing productivity and opening up encouraging economic horizons to diversify sources of income, as one of the tributaries of the Fiscal Balance Programme, without affecting the citizens' rights, gains and stable living standards.

It also underlined its efforts to continue creating more job opportunities for Bahraini youth, stressing its plans to increase oil and gas resources.

The Council of Representatives expressed hope that the outputs of the education and training system would cope with the needs of the energy sector, so as to enable Bahraini youth to benefit from the expected job opportunities that the sector is expected to generate. It also announced that it will put forward a Bahrainisation plan to replace foreigners by Bahrainis.

The Council of Representatives also expressed its plans to enact laws and submit proposals aimed to achieve self-sufficiency in the fields of food, aquaculture and marine resources, as well as preserve the environment.

It also lauded Law 18/2017 on alternative penalty and measures, noting that it reflects HM the King's sound vision on embracing the citizens and giving them new opportunities to rectify their social conduct, adding that the Marine Law accompanying Royal Decree 29/2018 will be on its agenda to reaffirm the kingdom's rights, sovereignty and marine security and safety.

The Council of Representatives also extended thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the brave personnel of the Bahrain Defence Force, Interior Ministry, National Guard and National Security Agency.

It also renewed thanks and loyalty to HM the King, wishing Bahrain and its people further progress and prosperity.

As to the Shura Council, it expressed its full endorsement of HM the King's keynote speech regarding the royal forward-looking visions on the current and future requirements of the development process in the kingdom.

In its reply, the Shura Council described the Royal Keynote Address as the cornerstone for developing the nation, lauding the great success achieved by the government, led by HRH the Prime Minister, citing the kingdom's multiple development and economic achievements.

The Shura Council also lauded the role played by HRH the Crown Prince, highlighting his efforts to devise forward-looking plans and specific programmes that lead to the sustainability of the flow of local and foreign investments, and translate the concept of diversification of income sources into the ground, according to Bahrain Economic Vision 2030.

The council also expressed its keenness to play its legislative role to boost the kingdom's status in the field of digital economy, through passing the necessary legislation to complete the technological infrastructure, and adopt the use of industrial intelligence technology in the production and service sectors.

It also underlined its interest in revitalising the national economy and achieving sustainable economic development, being top priorities.

The Shura Council lauded the royal call for exploiting the recent oil and gas discoveries, stressing the need to continue training national competencies so as to be able to assume their role in this regard.

It also stressed that the inauguration of mega economic projects in oil, gas and transportation fields will create job opportunities for Bahrainis and improve the kingdom's status, regionally and internationally.

The Shura Council stressed that achieving food security would be among its priorities during the current session, in line with the government's interest in this regard.

It also backed HM the King's call for the International Community to pay more attention to climate change and to reduce its effects on the environment, noting that the call reflects the royal keenness on the health of the citizens and the residents.

The Shura Council also underlined its full agreement with the royal call to protect the pillars of the state of the law and institutions and reinforce the rule of the law, expressing its effective cooperation with the Judiciary and support for the law on alternative penalties and measures aimed at ensuring social stability, taking the conditions of the convicts into account, as well as preserving rights and liberties.

The Shura Council stressed the kingdom's deep-rooted rejection of all forms of terrorism, calling on the International Community to step up combatting terrorism and deterring countries that sponsor it.

It also emphasised that it shares HM King Hamad's praise of the role of armed and security forces in protecting the nation and the citizens from subversive terrorist acts, adding that they defend the nation, protect national gains and stand as a bulwark in the face of foreign threats and interference.

It also stressed that the national front is immune against interference.

The Shura Council also hailed HM the King's praise of the Bahraini people and its civilised features, including pluralism, peace advocacy, tolerance and coexistence, which are values that emanate from the precepts of Islam and the authentic Arab traditions.

The Shura Council reiterated its support for Bahraini youth, the assets of the kingdom's present and future.

The council also affirmed that the implementation of the visions embedded in the keynote royal speech will be a legislative priority in the coming period, noting that HM the King's praise of the Legislature will motivate the latter to enhance its work and achieve more cooperation with other branches.

In its reply to the keynote royal address, the Shura Council renewed loyalty to HM the King, noting that the speech is a roadmap for the kingdom's bright future.

Source: Bahrain News Agency