HM King’s directives to adopt open prisons programme praised by Arab Parliament Speaker

Speaker of the Arab Parliament (AP), Adel bin Abdulrahman Al-Asoomi, has asserted that the kingdom has attained many widely-recognised human rights achievements thanks to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s directives.

In this regard, he highlighted the package of initiatives adopted by the kingdom to consolidate the human rights principles thanks to HM the King’s direct support for the state of law and institutions.

Al-Asoomi was speaking while chairing the inaugural meeting of the second session of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, held at the AP’s headquarters here today.

Addressing the meeting, Al-Asoomi indicated the steady development of the human rights system in the kingdom, in line with HM the King’s directives to begin putting in place the necessary executive mechanisms to adopt the programme of reformation and open prisons in the kingdom, which, he said, represents a pioneering quantum leap resulting from a civilised and enlightened mindset in the field of human rights.

The AP Speaker also shed light on other initiatives currently implemented by the kingdom, such as the alternative sentencing system and the restorative justice for children, which are consistent with the highest international standards of human rights, and have a humanitarian dimension, which strengthens the kingdom’s status in this field.

During the same session, member of the Arab Parliament, MP Mamdooh Al-Saleh, praised the progress witnessed by the Arab Parliament, through the establishment of centres and mechanisms that support its work, as one of the main regional and international institutions.

He lauded HM the King’s directives to put in place the necessary executive mechanisms for the open prisons programme, adopted by the kingdom, noting that the scheme represents a quantum leap in the field of human rights, and confirms Bahrain’s leadership in it.

MP Al-Saleh affirmed that Bahrain attaches great importance to human rights, as reflected in the implementation of the alternative sentencing system and the adoption of the Restorative Justice for Children law, in addition to the quick response of Interior Minister, General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, to the royal directives to set up the executive regulations for the open prison system.

He asserted that the protection of human rights is a national file par excellence, and everyone is keen on its success and on the establishment of new humanitarian principles that reflect HM the King’s fatherly and humane sense.

The AP session also featured the inauguration of the Arab Centre for Combating Terrorism and Extremist Ideology as an institutional tool to provide the necessary technical support in this vital field. It is also the first of its kind centre in the Arab world that will support the parliamentary counter-terrorism efforts.

Source: Bahrain News Agency