Houthi-Controlled Al-Hudaydah Port is a Platform of Launching Ballistic Missiles and Source of Hostilities in Red Sea Zone, Coalition’s Official Spokesman says 2

Col. Al-Maliki also said that the Yemeni government has announced that the Houthi militias have detained many relief convoys and have prevented relief teams from moving inside Yemen, describing these acts as a clear violation of Resolution 2216.

Col. Al-Maliki also said that Yemen's air, sea and land relief ports are operating at full capacity, pointing out that the number of permits granted by the Coalition to the relief agencies reached 24,279, while the number of orders for not targeting the UN organizations inside Yemen reached 9,984.

Regarding the aid provided by King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center within the comprehensive humanitarian operations in Yemen until May 21, Col. Al-Maliki said that the number of beneficiaries of this aid amounted to 4,475,828.

Col. Al-Maliki praised the directives of the wise leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which included a directive for the Saudi Ambassador to Yemen to visit Socotra Island, during which he announced the opening of the first office for the reconstruction of Yemen in the island.

Col. Al-Maliki also said that the Yemeni National Army Forces supported by the Coalition Forces have achieved victory on the ground and on all fronts, highlighting the advancement of the National Army in Midi supported by the Coalition Forces.

Source: Saudi Press Agency