Independent Sunni MPs meet Aoun, say Hariri holds key to resolving cabinet issue

A group of six independent Sunni MPs met on Friday with President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and relayed to him their insistence to have one of them be appointed as minister.

Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, holds the key to resolving this issue, MP Abdul Rahim Mrad said in the wake of the meeting.

The delegation included MPs Abdul Rahim Mrad, Faisal Krami, Walid Sukkarieh, Kassem Hashem, Jihad Samad, and Adnan Trabolsi.

The group of 6 independent Sunni MPs had garnered 30% of the Sunni public opinion Mrad said, wondering why Sunnis were monopolizing representation, in opposition to other sects In Lebanon.

Mrad also stated that the group of Sunni MPs did not propose a candidate or request a portfolio, but had left the matter for Hariri to decide.

"We hope that President Aoun will help us to convince the Prime minister-designate. We aspire the formation of the government as soon as possible, but not at our expense, Mrad added, relaying as well positive feedback from the president over this matter.

Source: National News Agency