Information, Tourism Ministries’ employees stage strike in protest against tampering with salaries

The employees of the Ministries of Information and Tourism on Wednesday staged a strike in protest against tampering with state employees' salaries and wages.

Participating in the sit-in, which was held outside the Ministries' building, had been Head of National Audiovisual Media Council, Abdelhadi Mahfouz, Director General of the Ministry of Information, Dr. Hassan Falha, Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, Nada Sardouk, Director of the National News Agency, Laure Sleiman, and Director of Radio Lebanon, Mohammed Ghareeb.

Senior Radio Lebanon officials and heads of departments also partook in said sit-in.

In his delivered word, Falha described today's gathering as "national comprising the entire Lebanese political spectrum," and a "peaceful civilized move" to ensure the preservation of state institutions and public administrations in the context of "bolstering our future and the future of this country."

Dr Falha underlined that "it is impermissible to tamper with salaries in this manner," calling for finding solutions not at account of citizens and public sector employees.

"The salary scale is a right to state employees," he corroborated.

"State employees represent an essential and indispensable part of the state's survival and continuity. We will ever remain in the service of the state alone," Falha maintained.

The Director General also stressed that today's move is keen on the work and continuity of state institutions and departments, stressing that Lebanon's future can be maintained by the preservation of citizens' rights.

Tourism Ministry's Director General Sardouk, in turn, said that today's move is not directed against anyone, stressing that "state employees' salaries are a red line."

Sardouk called for finding solutions to public deficit away from "employees' pockets."

For her part, NNA Director Sleiman, pointed out that since state employees' rights are being "munched," the NNA has decided to refrain [today] from covering news except those related to today's strike and sit-ins.

Sleiman called for finding solutions to public deficit and over expenditures not at the account of state employees' salaries, who relentlessly work for the sake of their institution.

"We are key components of the state and we do not want anyone to tamper with our rights," Sleiman corroborated.

"We will continue the strike today, and if any new action is taken, we will also take part. We solidarize with all colleagues in public , administrations," NNA director asserted.

Source: National News Agency