Iran cut off water from Iraq to be used in major projects

BAGHDAD, Iranian Minister of Agriculture Ali Murad Akbari announced on Tuesday that "seven million cubic meters of running water into Iraqi territory will be cut."

He said in a press statement that "his country will cut about 7 billion cubic meters towards the western border and northwestern Iraq, on the order of the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei."

"These quantities of water will be used in three major projects on an area of 550 thousand hectares in Khuzestan (southwest of the country), 220 thousand hectares in Khuzestan also, and Elam (west.(

"Water scarcity is one of the serious threats we face and we are thinking about solving and controlling it," Akbari said.

"We will allocate 8 billion dollars to Ministries of Energy and Agriculture, to control the process of water movement."

Earlier, Iran cut water from most of the tributaries on its soil and nutrients to the Tigris River in Iraq, causing water levels to fall dramatically in the river.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency