Iranian Defense Minister threatens Israel with direct response

BAGHDAD, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami threatened to retaliate directly to Tel Aviv if the Israeli navy launched attacks on its oil sales.

"Such a move would be considered a form of piracy and warned that if it happens, we will respond firmly," Hatami said, a week after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli navy might act against Iranian oil smuggling despite US sanctions.

According to "Reuters", Netanyahu said, the navy of occupation may take action against Iran's smuggling of oil, calling on world powers to thwart any attempt by Tehran to avoid US sanctions.

In a letter, Netanyahu told naval officers that Iran was still pursuing secret fuel-charging measures, as it had been before the nuclear deal was concluded in 2015, and the agreement had eased Western sanctions on its oil sector.

The Iranian navy said that "an Iranian oil tanker was attacked on Thursday morning by pirates on 11 boats near the Bab al-Mandab strait in the Gulf of Aden, but was rescued by timely intervention by the commandos in the 60th group of the force Ship protection, "according to the Iranian news agency" Fars ".

Iranian television showed footage of the navy firing at boats, stressing that the tanker, carrying more than 150 thousand tons of oil, continued its way safely.

"Iran was fighting the enemy from the heart of its territory, but today it is near the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea," said Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Hussein Salami.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency