Iraq is among eight Arab countries buying Chinese weapons

BAGHDAD, Algeria has bought from China the CH-4 attack aircraft. These drones are currently fighting in Iraq and have been seen in Saudi Arabia and there are data on their supply to the United Arab Emirates, according to Vistinic Mordavi website.

The SKAT-4 weighs about 1,300 kg, which is capable of staying for 14 hours in the sky and carrying 350 kg of laser-guided missiles weighing 40 kg and guided bombs of 100 kg.

According to renowned military expert Yuri Liamin, the Algerians purchased in addition to ??-4, the CH-3 drone from the same Chinese company Aerospace Science and Technology Corporatio, and also in Pakistan (called "Buraq"), Myanmar, Nigeria and Zambia.

It is worth mentioning that the armies of CIS countries are trained to control UAVs manufactured in China. For example, in 2016 Kazakhstan received the Chinese attack aircraft Pterodactyl-1 (Yilong-1). It is capable of carrying out combat missions for 20 hours and distances 3,000 kilometers from its base. It is capable of carrying 200 kg of various guided weapons.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency