IyadAllawi Denies His Call To Dissolve The Popular Mobilization Forces

BAGHDAD The leader of the National Coalition, IyadAllawi denied his call to dissolve the popular mobilization forces.

Allawi said in a press statement followed by/ NINA / "I did not demand to dissolve the popular mobilization forces, but I differentiate between the fighting and non-fighting." noting that he spoke with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party MassoudBarzani to form a general command of the armed forces, represented by all, including the popular mobilization and the Peshmerga, and I told them what is the problem if Hadi al-Amiri be a representative of the popular mobilization forces in the General Command of the armed forces.? "

"The popular mobilization forces filled important gaps during the war against Daesh and gave a lot of martyrs, so I did not ask for dissolving it, but to be a representative in the General Command of the armed forces."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency