Jabak from Bneshii: Health care does not belong to a party, any imposed sanctions will affect all Lebanese

Public Health Minister, Jamil Jabak, stressed Saturday that the health sector does not belong to any party in the country, and therefore any sanctions imposed on it would affect all the Lebanese.

Jabak's words came in response to a question on the visit of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo to Lebanon, following his meeting this evening with Al-Maradah Movement Chief, Sleiman Franjieh, at his residence in Bneshii, the last stopover in Jabak's tour today accompanied by his ministerial delegation.

Talks during the encounter touched on the importance of health care for citizens, people's daily affairs, the unity of Lebanon and the cohesion of its citizens in light of current developments.

Jabak indicated that they tackled citizens' vital living and social requirements, stressing full cooperation with Franjieh to contribute to the development of the North region due to its urgent needs, especially in the medical and health sectors.

For his part, Franjieh welcomed Jabak's visit, confirming that they both share the same national responsibility, political affiliation and strive to serve the Lebanese people, especially in underprivileged areas like the North region.

Commenting on Pompeo's visit to Lebanon, Franjieh said: "In my opinion, the visit ended before it started, because we read the positions in the press before we heard them directly from him [Pompeo], and this is America's perspective...I salute the President of the Republic for his position herein, as well as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose stances were at the level of national responsibility...and we say this is Lebanon!"

Over the issue of US sanctions on Lebanon, Franjieh deemed that "we might or might not be sanctioned...hence, it is important that Lebanon be united and solid in the face of pressures so that the settlement would not be the expense of the Lebanese."

Source: National News Agency