Jarrah commends COLIF initiative in organizing a dinner banquet with proceeds devoted to supporting Lebanon’s Civil Defense, says “Lebanon’s emigrants remain its real wealth and salvation”

Information Minister Jamal al-Jarrah considered that Lebanon's true wealth, rescue and salvation remain embodied in its emigrants, who are its real source of prosperity and fortune and symbolize its hope for a better future.

"We are all betting on our emigrants, whether in France or Europe or in all the countries of the world, through whom we can help Lebanon," said Jarrah.

"Lebanon's real wealth, rescue and salvation, and the hope of restoring its previous status, remains forever in its emigrants who are capable of reflecting the notion of Lebanon as a homeland of coexistence, love and peace," he confirmed.

The Minister's words came in his address at the dinner banquet organized by the Council of Lebanese in France (COLIF), held in the historical hall of the municipality building within the framework of the "Week of Lebanon" activities taking place in the French capital.

Jarrah praised the many valuable contributions that France has provided to Lebanon, affirming that "France is proactive in this matter from Paris I to Paris II to Paris III to the Cedar Conference, which allocates huge sums of money for aiding Lebanon and its infrastructure, and for supporting its economy and annual budget."

He recalled herein the quote by His Holiness, Pope John Paul II in saying that "Lebanon is not only a country, but a message," stressing that "we must all carry this message in the best way to the whole world, through which we can, alongside the country's cultural, civilized, and religious diversity, help Lebanon and its people."

"Our gathering today is an opportunity to meet the distinguished and creative Lebanese activists who always bear the name of Lebanon in their hearts and minds, and place it in the most important positions and shoulder its responsibility," said Jarrah, hoping that they would one day return to their homeland and partake in its renaissance.

The Information Minister concluded by a word of gratitude to the organizers of the event, especially that its revenues are intended for supporting the Civil Defense in Lebanon. "This is a great idea because the emigrants in France always think of Lebanon and of people who sacrifice their lives to save others, for the Civil Defense works to defend and protect all Lebanese and the entire Lebanon," Jarrah corroborated.

Source: National News Agency