Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) issues statement

Riyadh, Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) issued a statement regarding allegation that Coalition forces targeted (Souq Al-Thabet) in the directorate of (Qatabir) in (Sa'ada) governorate on (29/07/2019)

With regard to the statement of the Office of the Resident Coordinator and the Humanitarian Coordinator of the United Nations in Yemen issued on (30/07/2019), titled (Children among tens of civilians killed and wounded following an attack on a market in Saada), where tens of people were killed and injured on (29/07/2019) following an attack on (Souq Al-Thabet) in (Qatabir) directorate of (Sa'ada) governorate, initial reports from the local authorities indicated that (14) people were killed, including (4) children, and (26) others were injured including (14) children.

JIAT vetted the incident, and reviewed all documents, including procedures and Rules Of Engagement, Daily Mission Schedule, After Mission Report, satellite images, video recordings, open sources, provisions and principles of the International Humanitarian Law and customary rules.

After assessment of evidences, and by reviewing the daily mission schedule for the day of the claim (29/07/2019), JIAT found that the Coalition Forces did not carry out any air missions in the directorate of (Qatabir). The closest air mission carried out by the Coalition Forces was on a military target (150) km away from the position of the claim (Al-Thabet Souq).

By studying the photographic images of the location, JIAT found that there was visible damages to the market of the claim, which was confirmed by the open sources and witness testimony at the scene of the incident, which stated that Al-Houthi armed militia targeted (Al-Thabet Souq) with (mortar shells) and (Katyusha rockets), in addition to what was stated by one of Al-Thabit sheikhs in an interview with a news channel that the Al-Houthi armed militia targeted (Al-Thabet Souq) with (mortar shells) and (Katyusha rockets).

In light of that, JIAT found that Coalition Forces did not target (Souq Al-Thabet) in (Sa'ada) governorate as stated in the claim.

Source: Saudi Press Agency