Joint meeting of the Presidency of Parliament and representatives of the blocs to agree on the distribution of members of the parliamentary committees

Baghdad, The Presidency of the House of Representatives will hold a joint meeting with the heads and representatives of political blocs on Tuesday, to agree on mechanisms for the distribution of MPs within the parliamentary committees.

A parliamentary source said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that "a joint meeting of the Presidency with representatives of the blocs will be held in the Constitutional Hall of the Parliament on Tuesday to agree on the mechanisms of the distribution of MPs within the parliamentary committees," noting that "the distribution of MPs will be in accordance with standards of scientific specialization and academic achievement, and that the representation of blocks in the committees is not limited to two MPs per block. "

The source added that "the current trend is limited to the distribution of MPs within the committees, and leave the naming of the presidencies of the committees and their MPs and decision makers until the formation of the ministerial cab," noting that "the selection of the presidencies of the committees will be presented later that does not include the retention of political blocs presidencies of the same committees filled by its representatives in the ended session " .

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold its regular session on Tuesday, where the agenda will include discussing the formation of permanent parliamentary committees, and includes a public invitation to discuss the situation and provide services in the province of Basra, in the presence of Ministers of Hhealth, Housing, Reconstruction and Water Resources.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, decided last week to form a special committee chaired by two Vice-Speaker of the Parliament to distribute MPs to the parliamentary committees.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency