Jreissati holds talks in Paris in preparation for establishment of Human Academy for Convergence and Dialogue

Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Salim Jreissati, began his meetings in Paris as part of the preparations for the establishment of the "Human Academy for Convergence and Dialogue" launched by President Michel Aoun in a speech before the UN General Assembly in September 2017.

Jerissati held a meeting for this purpose at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with talks touching on the situation in Lebanon and the region. The Minister explained President Aoun's initiative to establish the Human Academy for Convergence and Dialogue, and the two sides agreed to cooperate for the sake of achieving this important goal, which has received the support of many countries.

Jreissati is set to meet with Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, and political advisor to the French President, Aurelien Lechevallier.

Source: National News Agency