Jreissati: Lebanon is going through a major crisis, but the Tannourine Cedars’ crisis is strategic

"Lebanon is going through a major crisis...Yet, the crisis of the Tannourine Cedars is of a strategic nature, deemed Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati.

"Whenever we raise an issue, they consider that the circumstances are not appropriate to address such topics...But for me, there is no crisis more important than other crises," he said.

"What we are fighting for, which is very essential to me and also important to our children and grandchildren, is not shared by everyone in the country," he said regretfully. "For in the end, if we do not have any reserves, we will no longer have a country," he added.

"I likened the Cedar to Lebanon, and it is the symbol on our country's flag. This Cedar is always susceptible to diseases, and so is our country permanently prone to earth shakes...Yet, steady and steadfast it remains, because it is deeply-rooted for 3,000 years back, and we shall remain steadfast for more than 3000 years," vowed Jreissati.

The Minister's words came during his patronage of the Tannourine Cedars Forest Reserve's celebration of "Friendship Day" in the forest, with the participation of the Ambassadors of France, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, Colombia, Ukraine, Brazil, EU, and the French Development Agency's Representative, as well as Ambassador Rabih Raidy who is the son of Tannourine, and Miss Lebanon 2018 Maya Raidy, alongside the Mayor of Tannourine Sami Youssef, and several dignitaries from the region and a crowd of citizens.

Jreissati promised to extend all possible support and assistance to those responsible for the Cedar Reserve, adding that "the presence of international missions with us today is proof that the world has not lost faith in us, and that there are still those who help us, and there are donations on their way to Lebanon."

"The Tannourine Cedar Reserve will be one of the first reserves I will support, because it well-deserves and is not only an added value to Tannourine, but also belongs to all the Lebanese," pledged Jreissati.

"This Reserve, which preserves the country's beautiful image, reflects the wonderful facet of Lebanon and is a source of oxygen that we breathe, while providing many job opportunities," he added, highlighting the importance of ecotourism in stabilizing the Lebanese youth in their land.

Source: National News Agency