Jreissati winds up his visit to Nairobi after partaking in the UN Environment Assembly Conference

Environment Minister, Fadi Jreissati, concluded his participation in the United Nations Environment Assembly Conference held in Nairobi by attending a dinner banquet hosted in his honor by Lebanon's Honorary Consulate in Kenya.

The gathering was an occasion for Jreissati to have a closer look at the conditions of the Lebanese expatriate community residing in Kenya, and to brief attendees on the Environment Ministry's expected plans in line with the ministerial statement in fighting pollution and regulating the sector of stone quarries and crushers.

On the second day of partaking in the Conference, the Environment Minister held talks with the UN Environment Program Executive Director, Inger Anderson, stressing "the importance of cooperation between Lebanon and UNEP and the achievement of the envisaged results in view of Anderson's expertise in the environmental field."

Jreissati also met with the European Union's Director-General for Environment, Daniel Calleja Crespo, with discussions touching on the challenges faced by Lebanon and the repercussions of the Syrian displacement crisis on the environment, water, air, and natural resources. Talks also tackled ways of activating cooperation and partnership between Lebanon and the European Union in the implementation of environmental projects.

Jreissati briefed the European official on the laws approved by the Lebanese Parliament in line with international conventions, the latest of which is the Paris Agreement and the subject of climate change.

In turn, Crespo expressed his admiration for Lebanon's diplomacy, "which can always devise solutions to overcome crises." He said he was following up on Lebanon's environmental dossier and expressed his readiness to keep up with the Environment Ministry's plan and support it when completed.

Moreover, Crespo expressed his confidence in "the capabilities and apparent dynamism of Minister Jreissati."

The Environment Minister also held talks on the sidelines of the conference with the Saudi Environment Association's Chairman and his accompanying delegation, where they agreed upon a long-term cooperation program in the field of air quality control and emission control that would allow Lebanon to benefit from Saudi Arabia's prominent experience in this regard. On the other hand, the Saudi delegation requested to benefit from the Lebanese Environment Ministry's expertise in the areas of awareness and training programs.

Source: National news Agency