JSGQ Participates in the Formulation of National standards for Hot-dipped Galvanization

LIYANG, China, Jan. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Relying on its own strength and sustaining efforts, Jiangsu Guoqiang Galvanization Industrial Company (Hereinafter as JSGQ) participates in the formulation of hot-dipped galvanization’s national standards, allowing itself to become one of hot-dipped galvanization’s rule-making players. JSGQ covers three major business segments: building materials, traffic safety protection and new energy. Through 22-year hard work, JSGQ establishes remarkable accomplishments among all of the above-mentioned segments.

JSGQ has all become one of the top three players in the three industries in terms of market share, achieving certain levels of industry status and influence in their respective segments. In addition to its market share advantage, JSGQ has been recognized and affirmed at the national level due to its active investment and continuous persistence in technology and research and development in recent years. This brings about the invitation to be one of the participants in the formulation of national standards for railway safety protection and hot-dipped galvanization.

The national standards in which JSGQ took part include “GB/T31439 Corrugated Beam Steel Guardrail”, “GB/T31447 Standard for Pre-galvanized Highway Guardrail” and “GB/T1396 Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Hot-dipped Galvanized Coating of Steel Parts with Metal Cover”.

At the same time, JSGQ is also the vice chairman and standing director enterprise of such industry associations as China Transportation Association, China Energy Society, and China Steel Structure Association. It has won many provincial and local awards, such as “Clean and High-efficiency Hot-dipped Galvanized Technology and Industrialization of Steel Parts, Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award (third prize)” and “Clean and High-efficiency Hot-dipped Galvanized Technology and Complete Equipment, Chongqing Municipality Science and Technology Progress Award (second prize)”.

Learn more about JSGQ from the official website: www.jsgq.cn