Jubouri: Iraq Today In Dire Need To Maintain The Political Gains

BAGHDAD, Former parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri said: "In previous years, we worked side by side with the executive branch and the council presented a qualitative effort of laws and legislation.

Jubouri confirmed on Monday during the opening session of the new parliament that Iraq today needsly needs to preserve political gains.

Jubouri stressed that the previous parliament was the best in terms of legislation of laws and its oversight role. "

He explained that "the process of trading in power requires us to cooperate between all, knowing that the Council was restricted in the process of legislation and interrogation, which made it difficult for its role, but its role was significant in the legislation of important laws . "

Al-Jubouri said that despite the obstacles, there were achievements for the parliament and no one should deny them.

Al-Jubouri: "Iraq today is in dire need to reserve the political gains."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency