Jubouri: No New US Bases In Iraq

Amman, Jordan Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri described Iraqi-US relations as good, denying talk of the intention to build new military bases in Iraq.

Al-Jubouri admitted in an interview with the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad that there is room for external influence in the internal decision-making process in Iraq, especially the understandings of forming the government and the main positions in the country.

He stressed that the indicators say that the election results "will not strengthen the unique force," which will force all lists and political blocs to understand with each other, " added, "there will not be a force that constitutes the majority and able to choose the prime minister."

He stressed that national reconciliation can not be achieved in the presence of weapons outside the framework of the State. Noting that the "popular mobilization forces" played its role at one time in the fight against "Daesh" and made sacrifices, and "it is now either to engage in the military or take a reward and get out of the arms."

Jubouri said that "Iraq is part of the Arab system," expressing regret for what he considered "the Arab rejection of Iraq in the past years."

He continued: "Iraq was not created to antagonize everyone, but we look for more participants to avoid the points disputed."

Al-Jubouri said that the superiority of sectarian identities is a "mistake happening" in Iraq, pointing out that dealing with and confronting it "is sometimes by criticizing and sometimes resort to justice."

On the future of relations with Jordan, Al-Jubouri said: "We are proud of our relations with Jordan. It is dealing with Iraq to achieve common interests and security. This leads us to open and enhance the horizons of cooperation and relations with it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency