Kabalan welcomes Kubis: Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty permanent aggression that threatens local, regional stability

President of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council, Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan, received this Thursday the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis, with talks featuring high on the situation in Lebanon and the region.

Sheikh Kabalan stressed that "the Israeli violations of Lebanon's sovereignty by sea, air and land reflect a permanent aggression that threatens local and regional security and stability."

"Israel is the source of evil in the region, and it bears full responsibility for the crises and problems caused by its occupation and aggression," he told his guest.

"It continues to occupy a precious part of Lebanon, steal its water resources and violate its rights to invest its sea wealth," he said, referring to the crimes committed by Israel before the eyes of the United Nations, especially the massacres of Qana and others.

"The resistance was and remains a national and humanitarian necessity to liberate the land of Lebanon and to defend its sovereignty and stability in the face of Israeli occupation and threats," the Sheikh stressed.

Source: National News Agency