Kabbara deems Lebanon’s relation with Saudi Arabia excellent

Caretaker Labor Minister, Mohammed Kabbara, congratulated Saudi Arabia on its 88th national day, deeming Lebanon's relation with the Kingdom as "excellent."

Minister Kabbara heaped praise on the role played by the Kingdom in the Arab and Islamic worlds reflecting the spirit of the wise leadership in the Kingdom.

The Minister said that the Lebanese hold for Saudi Arabia and its leadership sincere loyalty and cordiality.

Kabbara also hailed the appointment of Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charge d'Affaires Walid Bukhari as the Kingdom's Ambassador to Lebanon, who was capable of building a wide spectrum of friendship with the Lebanese people.

"Bukhari's appointment as an ambassador to Lebanon shall have positive outcome on the relationship and shall give further interaction between the two countries," Kabbara maintained.

Source: National News Agency