Kanaan after bloc meeting: Success is for all, victory can only be achieved by solidarity

The "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc held its weekly meeting at the FPM Headquarters in Sin El Fil under the chairmanship of caretaker Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil.

After the meeting, the Secretary of the bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said: "Minister Bassil has briefed the bloc on the initiative he is undertaking, which is based on the positions issued by the President and the PM-designate in terms of the constitutional rules and the unity of standards to be respected, in addition to the results of the parliamentary elections, in accordance with a proportionality law that imposes non-monopoly of any party to its community."

"This confirms that our role as a movement is to facilitate matters, within the constitutional rules," he said. "We play this role today with full conviction because we know that the government delay is harmful harm to everyone."

"The bloc relies on the initiative of Minister Bassil and supports every positive action and any positive position issued by any party involved in this dilemma. Success is for all, and victory can only be achieved by solidarity, and what we have experienced in the past is the best evidence to that," Kanaan added.

Pertaining to the Zahle electricity issue, Kanaan said "we have shown keenness on maintaining 24-hour electricity while reducing the cost on the people of Zahle. (...) We promise all the Lebanese that this project will serve as a model for all of Lebanon, because we want electricity for all of Lebanon, and we want the private sector to participate in the solution, but within acceptable limits."

"As we proved our seriousness in all that has been raised at the financial, humanitarian, electricity and government levels, and our role in bridging the gap between all parties, this is how we will continue to work because surrender has never been in our dictionary. We have all the confidence that with this determination, and during the mandate of a fighter President, our efforts will bear fruit on more than one level, and soon," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency