Kanaan after bloc meeting: Urging government productivity does not target anyone

The "Strong Lebanon" bloc held its weekly meeting this Tuesday under the chairmanship of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Gebran Bassil, at the headquarters of the Free Patriotic Movement in Mirna Shalouhi Center - Sin El Fil.

"We are the most keen on the productivity of the government, but that does not mean we do not express our opinion or motivate everyone, including ourselves, when need be," said the bloc's secretary general, MP Ibrahim Kanaan.

"Talking about corruption and reform, which is consistent with our aspirations, is not aimed at anyone, but is at the heart of our approach and principles, and above any understanding. It is not directed against any party or political team," Kanaan confirmed. "The political relationship with the Future Movement on which the presidential settlement was bases, is ongoing and we seek to pursue it positively at the cabinet level, away from the proposals we are making in terms of reform and anti-corruption.

"The money, economy, electricity and waste are the basic files on which the ministerial statement was built, and (...) questioning that is not directed against anyone," said the MP.

"We emphasize the presidential settlement and our understandings and alliances and rely on them for production, not for debate," the bloc stressed.

Source: National News Agency