Kanaan announces initial approval of LBP 75 billion in support of medicine, pledges to expose all violations

Head of the Finance and Budget Parliamentary Committee, Strong Lebanon Secretary General, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, on Monday announced the committee's initial approval to open a supplementary credit to cover the LBP 75 billion shortage in medicine expenses at the Ministry of Health, provided that the Ministry would provide the necessary clarifications.

"The Minister of Health has pledged to provide a detailed expenditures list of the LBP 75 billion on Wednesday morning during the meeting of the Finance Committee on the medical card, especially since articles 84 and 85 of the Constitution regulate this matter," Kanaan said.

The Lawmaker also announced having received the report of the Civil Service Council on the status of state employment, adding that he awaited the Central Inspection's report in a bid to hold a special meeting and share all the facts with the people and expose all the violations. Hence, Kanaan called on all the Parliamentary blocs to "assume their responsibilities at this level".

The Finance and Budget Committee had convened earlier today under the chairmanship of MP Kanaan, and the presence of Vice Prime Minister, Caretaker Public Health Minister, Ghassan Hasbani, deputies, and other concerned officials.

We have ratified five soft loan agreements with the Islamic Bank. These loans are worth $30 million and are allocated for the rehabilitation and equipment of emergency units in 28 governmental hospitals , Kanaan added, noting that this loan tops the $120 million World Bank loan that had been previously allocated for the rehabilitation of Hospitals and Healthcare centers.

"Our approach to this subject is humane and ethical with regard to refugee benefit from the aforementioned services; however, as the financing comes in the form of loans, not donations, the Lebanese state cannot handle the burdens of policies that the international community is supposed to bear. Therefore, we recommended that the Government made sure that support to refugees came in the form of donations, not loans that would eventually add to the public debt, Kanaan explained.

Source: National News Agency