Kanaan following ‘Strong Lebanon’ bloc: For a government that respects election results and president role

MP Ibrahim Kanaan on Tuesday renewed calls for the formation of a government that respects the results yielded by the recent legislative elections, and the role of the president of the republic.

"What we demand regarding the government, is the respect of the results of the parliamentary elections, which constitutes a safety valve to an effective national partnership, in addition to the respect of the president's post, role, and rights, since he is a ley component in the formation process," Kanaan told reporters following the "Strong Lebanon's" weekly meeting.

"We want a government that works and not a government of numbers," he said.

On a different note, Kanaan highlighted the bloc's feeling that the Syrian refugee dossier was being used to pressure the Lebanese.

Moreover, the MP berated the end of fundings for UNRWA, renewing rejection of the settlement of Palestinians refugees in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency