Kanaan from London: Control and reform foundations of trust and investment

Head of the Finance and Budget Committee, Secretary of the "Strong Lebanon" bloc, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, participated in a conference titled "Reform and International Control" upon the invitation of the British government.

The conference was held in London in cooperation with the World Bank, in the presence of British Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Kelly Tolhurst, former British Minister of State for Trade and Industry, World Bank officials, European and American government officials and representatives of major international companies.

In his speech, MP Kanaan stressed that "Control and reform, in accordance with international standards, create confidence and strong will for investment and promote growth and economy."

"This is what formed the basis of our work in the past years in the Parliamentary Finance and Budget Committee, and we hope that it will be the first priority of the next government," he said.

"The exchange of experience in the field of reform and control remains one of the essential elements of the development of the Lebanese experience and the resolution of some financial and economic issues," Kanaan noted

He pointed out that "Lebanon has (...) made significant steps towards financial reform... It is looking forward today to cooperating with effective control systems as Britain so as to activate and strengthen its parliamentary experience."

Source: National News Agency