Kanaan from London: Mandate a historic opportunity to restore State; We aspire for a government of accomplishments, not roadblocks!

"Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc Secretary, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, stressed Friday that the Lebanese will have a new cabinet, adding, "We want a government for achievements and not for roadblocks...one to secure the demands and needs of the Lebanese and meet their aspirations."

"Our strength lies not in the muscles of power, but in our belief in Lebanon and our struggle for the peace of our society and the consolidation of the elements of reconciliation," said Kanaan, referring to his comrades at the Free Patriotic Movement.

"We want a strong economy, job opportunities for our youth, sound public finances, and effective accountability, which we are working on, because the country will remain in chaos without accountability...Building a state is not an impossible dream. We must deafen our ears to campaigns and rumors, and take constructive criticism into account in order to rectify any defects and overcome despair through work and efforts," Kanaan reassured.

He deemed that the current presidential mandate is a "historic opportunity to restore the State."

Kanaan's words came during a dinner hosted by the Free Patriotic Movement in the United Kingdom, in the presence of British MP Rouba Haq and Lebanese Ambassador Rami Mortada and senior Embassy Staff.

Source: National News Agency